Markéta Popelová

About me

I am a doctoral student at University of Oxford and my current web pages are here. Before Oxford, I studied at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague for my Bc. and Mgr. degrees.

My e-mail is: marketa [ dot ] popelova [ at ] matfyz [ dot ] cz .

My research interests

  • combination of computer science and biology, medicine and other nature science, especially neuroscience, computer science modelling and simulation
  • artificial intelligence, intelligent virtual agents, motion of both real and virtual creatures
  • interdisciplinary projects both between different fields of computer science and between computer science and other disciplines
  • programing in general (and especially in Java), web pages creating, teaching programming

My other interests

  • dancing: "expression dance" technique (inspired by Isadora Duncan) and ballroom dance (both standard and latin-american dance)
  • mountains, hiking, cycling and other non-competitive sports in nature
  • classical detective and other literature
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